Color history in the making.

COLORANT (est. 2012) is a modern line of apparel and accessories that celebrates the use of natural dye plants such as, Indigo, Madder Root and Walnut in creating our vibrant palette. Like in nature, botanical colors have unpredictability depending on where and how the material was grown. Sassafras grown in northern regions will not yield the same orange as those from the south, which we here at Colorant embrace as the beauty of the natural dye process. Each season our colors are tested with our chosen fabrications to insure our colors will stand the test of time.


Every Color has a Story to Tell.
Rich History.  Did you know the color purple was the most expensive color in the world?  Roman kings were only able to wear it because it took 250,00 Murex Mollusks from the sea to extract enough dye to color a garment.

Earth Benefits.  Botanical colors promote the harvesting of dye plants, creating a new agricultural market. Natural dyes are extracted from renewable resources offering a more sustainable option for the textile industry.

Pure ColorNature provides hundreds of plants which yield vibrant colors. Many have been used for dying since antiquity and Colorant has preserved these tried and true methods.




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